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The PolyShit token

The PolyShit token was initially created purely as a meme token, simply because the original dev wanted to have some fun. Nothing more, nothing less, he indeed made it just for the lolz of it. After much shit-talking between a bunch of holders it was decided to try and give the token some utility, as is the case with many a meme coin. 

Our long-term goal is providing useful tools and information for all the apes out there on Polygon, looking to make a quick buck or find the next gem in a sea of shitcoins.  The first step towards providing useful information is the calendar of all the upcoming presales and fair-launches taking place on the Polygon chain.

Our project is very much a work in progress, with us planning to eventually include the token itself into this operation in one way or another. Currently there is no roadmap, as we like to freestyle and change our minds. The only thing we can promise is that we wont bullshit you with empty promises.


1% reflected back to holders

1% burned on every transaction

Liquidity locked

Ownership renounced

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